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Product Selections from 100+ Manufacturers

With an extensive selection of lighting products, our designers and technicians will provide you with the right equipment to meet your needs. Our product department has representatives in each office who are ready to help you select the best expendables and supplies.

Whether it’s a roll of gaffers tape or volume discounts on a slew of fixtures, VLS offers selections from the top stage and architectural industry lighting and rigging manufacturers.

Gels, lamps, tape, paint and connectors are typically in-stock, for those last-minute needs.

Shop online at Production Advantage (ProAdv.com), where you can find a variety of products, including …

  • Electrical supplies, including lamps, stage connectors and cable
  • Standard gobos, custom gobos, patterns and gobo rotators
  • Gel, diffusion and color filters
  • Tape, including gaff tape, spike tape and glow tape
  • Paint and brushes
  • Electrician tools and stage tools, including pin splitters, wrenches and DMXcat testing tools
  • Fog machines, fog fluid, haze machines and haze fluid
  • Atmospheric and special effects, including snow machines, bubble machines, black light
  • Lighting fixtures, including ellipsoidals, fresnels, LEDs, PARs, cyc lights, and moving lights
  • Consoles, dimmer packs, dimmer racks and distribution
  • Lighting accessories, including barn doors, color frames

… and more!

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I got the correct items in a timely fashion and you always have the stock I need.
—Courtney L.—