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Answers to your Production and Lighting Project questions

Learn more about how VLS provides top notch lighting production and project installations.

Do you do sound?
No, with the exception of intercom systems. Our experience is solely in lighting. By leaving sound up to the sound companies, we can focus our efforts and resources entirely to learning the most about new lighting equipment, technology and techniques in order to pass that experience on to you. We do work with plenty of professional sound companies. Contact Sean Mangan at 1-800-922-5356 for a referral.

What production and project services do you offer?

Our experts can help design lighting systems for weddings, theatres, churches, films, and architecture. We can even offer training on your new lighting system or help you repair an existing one.

Who do I talk to if I want to purchase a new lighting system or upgrade my existing system?

  • For Northern Ohio, Pennsylvania, and northern Indiana, please contact Gabriel Rice at 216-475-7981.
  • For Michigan or Northern Indiana call on Walt Weber at 859-488-4912.
  • For southern Ohio, Kentucky, or southern Indiana, contact Adam Hayward at 859-488-4913.
  • For western Pennsylvania or West Virginia, contact Stephanie Reilly at 412-389-6492.

For any area not listed, please contact Walt Weber at 859-488-4912.

If you're unsure, e-mail us at info@vls.com and tell us your location, or visit our contact us page.

Can I integrate a new control console with my older dimming system?

Yes. We can help you add new lighting controls to existing dimmers. From protocol translators to dimmer cabinet electronics upgrades, we can provide the control equipment to modernize your lighting system.