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The Impact of COVID-19
on the Live Entertainment Industry

The Impact of
COVD-19 on the Live Entertainment Industry

We were the first industry to shutdown, and we will be the last to reopen

On March 13th, our industry came to a halt; as coronavirus began to spread, events were canceled, theaters shut their doors, and all of us in the entertainment industry started thinking about ways to stay afloat during these difficult times.

In November, we received the great news that a vaccine has been approved and that as early as December it would be sent to local hospitals and medical centers for use on those who need it most. This great news has given us hope that one day soon, we’ll all be back together again; whether on stage, in the audience, at a large event or tradeshow, backstage, or behind the scenes.

While we wait for the vaccine to be available to the entire population and herd immunity occurs, theaters and entertainment venues cannot reopen safely and host large crowds. Until then, our industry still needs your support.

Events and live shows have been canceled due to the pandemic.

The live entertainment and events industry is an $877-billion industry helping cities across America thrive.

96% of companies have cut wages, and staff to account for the loss of revenue live events generate. 77% of people in the live entertainment industry remain unemployed or have been required to find work outside of what they love doing most.

Entertainment venues of all sizes remain closed throughout the pandemic and many may not ever be able to reopen without adequate funding. 

September 1, 2020, the national day of action for We Make Events North America was nothing short of amazing for our industry; our pride for our communities, our unity, and our enthusiasm empowered us all to come together in a very short amount of time to put together beautiful displays across our regions in support of the live entertainment industry, Red Alert Restart, and Save our Stages.

How can you help ensure that the entertainment industry survives into 2021 and long into the future?

Write to your representatives and let them know you support the RESTART Act so that no industry is left without valuable assistance to keep their establishment open.

Write to your representatives and let them know you support the Save our Stages Act that provides relief to independent entertainment venues so they too can make it through this pandemic.

When live events and entertainment return, see that show you’ve always wanted to see, engage with your communities and participate in local events and above all else, make sure your venue is well equipped to welcome the public back with best in class sanitation and prevention practices.

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