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Blacklights for Rent

uv led bar16 

ADJ 16” LED Blacklight

The American DJ UVLED BAR 16 is a compact blacklight effect lighting fixture. DMX control allows for dimming and strobe effects. The split yoke can be used as a floor stand. American DJ's UVLED BAR 16 is designed to provide intense UV effects over wide areas, and the LEDs are ready to use; no warm-up time as compared to fluorescent and arc source blacklights. 1-Week 30.00
2-Week 50.00
4-Week 70.00
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adj uv canon

Rent this 450nm super high output black light for intense UV effects lighting. The American DJ UV Canon has a 100w COB (Chip on Board) led light engine with a 33 degree beam. It’s a standalone unit that does not require DMX or external dimming. It begins operation as soon as you connect it to power. 1-Week  50.00
2-Week  83.00
4-Week  116.00
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 VLS - Photo Coming Soon

8” UV Fresnel

Add a magical touch to your next production with these powerful 400 Watt UV Fresnels. These heavy duty blacklights can fluoresce day-glo colors even from 150 feet away. Manual controls for spot or flood adjustment allow this UV lighting fixture to shine from a variety of throw distances. Use the UV black light Fresnels for night skies, fantasy sequences, or dance recitals. 1-Week 250.00
2-Week 416.50
4-Week 583.00
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 VLS - Photo Coming Soon

Double Tube blacklight

Our Double Tube fluorescent UV fixtures are a cost effective way to create UV effects. These low power blacklights will add a magical glow to costumes and set pieces while popping fluorescent paint and fabrics. 1-Week 15.00
2-Week 25.00
4-Week 35.00
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 VLS - Photo Coming Soon

N400 blacklight

Nocturn's N400 blacklight uses a powerful 400 Watt UV rich arc source to produce intense UV lighting effects. Pop fluorescent colors, or lend a magical look to scenery and backdrops. The Nocturn N400 is a popular UV effects light for theatrical production and dance performances. 1-Week 150.00
2-Week 250.00
4-Week 350.00
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