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ETC Lighting Consoles for Rent

Smart Fade

Smart fade 12/48

This is not your father's  two-scene preset board. This is a compact console with serious power under the hood. This easy to use console offers 12 channel 2 scene preset mode or 48 channel single scene control. Other features packed into this tiny little chassis are 199-step stacked sequences, manual or timed fades, "Magic" button for random output as well as black out and bump buttons. 1-Week 75.00
2-Week 125.00
4-Week 175.00
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Ion 2000

Ion 2000

The Ion 2000 console is a perfect match for those applications where the is a good mixture of conventional and automated fixtures.  Features include:
  • 999 cue lists
  • 200 active playbacks
  • 300 submasters
  • 4 x 1000 palettes
1-Week  500.00
2-Week 800.00
4-Week 1165.00
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