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German Light Products (GLP) Automated Lights for Rent

GLP impression FR1

impression fr1

NOW AVAILABLE! Using a single, high powered 60 Watt homogenized RGBW LED at its core, the impression FR1 features color mixing across a vast spectrum, while projecting a crisp, punchy white light, with a full range of color temperature control.

Optical quality is at the forefront with the impression FR1 as it provides a clean, homogenized output at all angles, always giving a clean beam from center to its extreme edge. This consistency and attention to detail allows the impression FR1 to be used in a large range of applications where compromise is not an option.A super-fast 3.5 to 34 degree zoom range gives full beam control over both short and longer throw distances and because of its power, the FR1 can project over a long distance.

SPECIAL INTRO PRICING: Rent 12 for only $960!
1-Week 95.00
2-Week 150.00
4-Week 190.00
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