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Intercom and Radios for Rent

Main Station

CS-210/702 Main Station

The Clear Com Portable Main Station is a 2-channel stage production intercom. Separate A/B channels allow for separation of house and stage communications. The CS-210 or 702 Intercom has three XLR outputs for each channel. Use program input to feed audio to technicians or backstage areas. A "stage announce" output can be fed to the PA during rehearsals. Large pushbuttons allow channel access and easy to adjust sidetone control reduces noisy transmissions. 1-Week 60.00
2-Week 100.00
4-Week 140.00
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Headset or Beltpack

Headset or Beltpack Separate

We provide headsets and beltpacks for common stage intercom systems. Let us know if you need either component.. 1-Week 15.00
2-Week 25.00
4-Week 35.00
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Main Station 2

Remote Station

The Remote Station is designed for places like the flyrail or dressing rooms. A way of adding a speaker box so more than one person can hear.  A telephone style handset is provided to enable talk back. 1-Week 30.00
2-Week 50.00
4-Week 70.00
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