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ETC Source 4WRD LED Retrofit Module

The First Bona Fide, White-Light LED Retrofit for the Source Four® Ellipsoidal

Source 4WRD on existing Source Four FixtureNew from Electronic Theatre Controls, a quick and easy way to adapt any existing full-size, tungsten Source Four unit into an LED model, eliminating the need for lamp changes and reducing the power consumption significantly.

The Source 4WRD retrofit is a unit that easily replaces an existing Source Four HPL burner with an ultra-efficient LED module; the innovative LED lamp mimics the light output of a traditional HPL lamp.

  • No need to replace burnt-out lamps, eliminating need to set up bulky scaffolding or ladders
  • Uses only 155W, for a 73% power savings over a Source Four 575W fixture
  • THREE easy steps to replace existing module with retrofit
  • Only TWO tools required: an adjustable wrench and a standard screwdriver
  • ONE technician can perform a retrofit in less time than it takes to make a short phone call
  • 77% cooler on surface compared to tungsten model
  • Two types of dimming control: DMX and AC line dimming

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