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Spotlight On: Helix Garage, Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky – Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority (LEXPARK) received help from Vincent Lighting Systems and Green Giant Lighting of Lexington for their extensive renovation of the former Main Street Annex Parking Garage. While truckloads of concrete and tons of steel have gone into the project, the most visible change is the addition of 80 color changing LED lighting fixtures. LEXPARK wanted to illuminate the circular exit ramp to emphasize this iconic feature. They contacted Jeff Lorch at Green Giant Lighting of Lexington to create a lighting design that brings interest and visual splash to the renovated multi-million dollar facility.

Having collaborated previously, Lorch contacted Adam Hayward at Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS). Together, the team visited the site, developed a plan and created renderings to demonstrate the technology. As an alternative to inflexible and unattractive sodium vapor lights, they chose Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures for their low power draw, bright output and consistent field of light. They picked Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) to provide reliable control modules and a system that could easily be expanded for the next phase.

Armed with a PowerPoint presentation filled with examples of successful Color Kinetics lighting projects and renderings to show how the garage would appear when lit, the team met with LEXPARK, who was impressed with the products and the level of support that Vincent Lighting Systems brought to the table. Moving forward, the team set up a small demo of lighting in the garage to show what they had only seen on paper until that time. The mock-up lighting sealed the deal.

With less than six weeks before Independence Day, Philips Color Kinetics and ETC worked quickly to ship the equipment needed for this project. On the Fourth of July, the Helix Garage beamed a patriotic red, white and blue motif, bringing a beautiful glow to the area. Additionally, Vincent Lighting Systems’ Service team pre-programmed the control system to adapt the lighting for holidays and local sporting events. The LED fixtures draw little power, which aligns with LEXPARK’s green initiative. Lorch commented that “the Vincent Lighting Systems team was thorough, efficient, professional and looked like they were having fun."

The renamed Helix Garage underwent a $3.1 million restoration, which included a completely restored exit ramp, new signage, and a dynamic LED lighting system to accent the unique structure. “Changing the garage name to The Helix, because of its circular exit ramp, will make the garage more identifiable," explained Parking Authority Executive Director Gary Means.

The Equipment

    • (80) Philips Color Kinetics ColorBurst Powercore, RGB LED 41° fixtures
    • (4) Data Enabler Pro(s)
    • (1) ETC Mosaic Tessera Touch Screen Controller
    • (1) ETC Mosaic 4-Universe MSC


Lexington & Fayette County Parking Authority ("LEXPARK"), Owner and Operator of Helix Garage

    • Gary Means, Executive Director
    • Ed Trammell, Planning and Project Manager

Green Giant Lighting of Lexington, Architectural Lighting Design Consultant

    • Jeff Lorch

RAM Construction, General Contractor

    • Jason Clemens

Randy Walker Electric, Electrical Contractor

    • Randy Walker

Vincent Lighting Systems, Architectural Lighting Supplier and Systems Integrator

  • Adam Hayward, Outside Sales
  • Trevor Shibley, Project Manager
  • Debra Rettich, Project Manager
  • Matt Klasmeier, Service Technician
  • Jacob Preston, Service Technician


"I never thought I'd see people taking 'selfies' in front of a parking garage."

-Gary Means