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Stewart Street Bridge

Dayton, Ohio

After being closed for 17 months, Dayton’s Stewart Street Bridge reopened with more lanes and pedestrian-friendly avenues. Also new was the addition of LED lighting that could accent both the bridge and the Great Miami River below. Vincent Lighting supplied and installed Color Kinetics LED fixtures to highlight the architecture of the Stewart Street Bridge.

The City of Dayton wanted a low-maintenance alternative to conventional lighting fixtures. Vincent Lighting supplied 72 Color Kinetics ColorGraze® 3’ fixtures, which operate at approximately 80% less than incandescent and provide a longer life and better light than sodium lamps. In addition, the fixtures are controlled from a Color Kinetics iPlayer® 3 controller, located at street level for easy adjusting. For special events and holidays, the colors can easily be changed and programmed, such as red, white and blue on the Fourth of July.

  • Stewart Street Bridge in Holiday Colors
  • Stewart Street in Red
  • Stewart Street Bridge in Aqua
  • Stewart Street Bridge Alternating Colors
  1. Stewart Street Bridge in Holiday Colors
  2. Stewart Street in Red
  3. Stewart Street Bridge in Aqua
  4. Stewart Street Bridge Alternating Colors

About Stewart Street Bridge


Vincent Lighting Team:

Adam Hayward, Project Sales

Trevor Shibley, Project Manager


Electrical Contractor: Bansal Construction

Electrical Distributor: Becker Electric Supply

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