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Tent Lighting for Parties & Weddings

Tents make wonderful temporary structures for parties and wedding receptions. But tents can also present a lighting challenge. Lighting design for these temporary structures can take it from a ordinary tent to a lovely soirée.

The lighting design team at Vincent Lighting Systems will create a lighting plan that will enhance the mood set in the tent based on the size and number of guests. Rather than having a general wash of light, consider a textured look to the tent ceiling to add flair to your themed party.

Tent ceilings are a fantastic background for projecting a special message or monogram to your party. For an elaborate look, light the outside of your tent so guests know where to go the instant they arrive. Lastly, if your caterer is working in a separate tent or has dark corridors to navigate to get to the tent, be sure to plan to light those areas as well.

Contact the VLS tent lighting experts today for a quote!

"Everyone is talking about last night and how it was the best event ever. We had guests who travel all over and assist with events, they commented on how everything was truly superb and how the lighting and light show was nothing they had ever seen! Thank you and your wonderful staff for a tremendous job. Your staff was so kind and helpful!"

-Mona S.