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The Expansion Years

In April 1986, Walt Weber moved to Kentucky to open a branch of Vincent Lighting Systems, just across the river from Cincinnati. At this time, Sheldon Storer (the same man who introduced Paul to his first job at Kliegl and was now looking to retire) merged Sheldon Storer and Associates with Vincent Lighting Systems. This allowed our company to gain the Strand Lighting rep area for Southwest Ohio and Kentucky.

Chris Shick was hired in 1987 to focus on growing the rental side of the business. Chris took the challenge to heart and was instrumental in the success of the rental and production business for Cleveland. We eventually expanded our rental inventory to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky branch in 1989. Jody Cercone opened the Pittsburgh sales office in 1992, originally working out of his house. Not too long after, Jim Sumerfield, who had started in our Ohio rental department, joined Jody to manage the projects in Pittsburgh so Jody could focus on sales.

In 1995, with business continuing to grow, the Pittsburgh office expanded into Rental and Production services, and with it, got a much larger space. They moved from Arch street in Carnegie to Parkway View drive in Robinson Township.

In 2001, Vincent Lighting Systems started to focus on Detroit. After a few stops and starts, our project sales got rolling in 2008, with the addition of Drew Franklin in outside sales.

With the company growing, it was clear that Paul needed to build the leadership team. In 2007, Joni Roecker was appointed the Vice President of Finance, Walt Weber became the Vice President of Sales and Chris Shick was now the Vice President of Production Services. This helped our company to have leadership focused on the key areas of our business, both inside and out.

Standing outside our office on Miles Parkway, about 1991. Somewhere in our warehouse, we still have that sign.Some of our staff posed for a group shot, late 80s. Seated Martin Lynch, Mark Johnson, Chris Shick. Standing Chris Janson, Paula Zaffarano, Dennis Fyffe.   VLS loves its clambakes, and Chris Shick is the Bake Master. This photo was taken in 2001 at Edgewater Yacht Club in Cleveland.John Rankin outside of our Pittsburgh office at 404 Arch Street. This was taken in 1995, just before our move to Parkway View Dr.In 1997, we exhibited at LDI in Las Vegas. This was our serpentine booth we shared with Future Light.   Paul Vincent (center) poses playfully with Glenn Becker (left) and Frank Stewart at LDI in 1995. In 2003, we helped to light a boat decorating contest. Our crew decided to add an offering to our services, much to the amusement of our National Sales Director, Rob Rowlands.Stan Schwartz of Rosco wagered a friendly bet with Paul in 1997 to see whose team would make it to the World Series. The Yankees lost, and Stan had to wear the Indians cap at LDI97.In 1994, Marty Donovan was the first VLS employee to retire. Here, she poses with some of the original employees, including Jody Cercone, Walt Weber, Paul Vincent and John Seaman.Our first Product Catalog was printed in the Spring of 1994. It went through 3 design updates over nearly 20 years.