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Themed Entertainment

Lighting is essential to engaging storytelling and creating a compelling experience, and Vincent Lighting Systems has the experience and knowledge to help you create the ultimate environment for your themed entertainment.

Vincent Lighting Systems can work with your designers and producers to create environments, that excite, entertain, build loyalty, and reinforce your brand.

We can  integrate your current lighting system with new technology for control and illumation, upgrade outdated and inefficent fixtures, illuminate architectural elements and exterior facades, rides and attractions, and much more.

Do you have a themed entertainment venue that is in need of design or upgrade for a performance lighting system? The lighting experts at VLS have extensive experience and training in theatre and stage production lighting. We work with specifiers, consultants, contractors and end-users, ensuring that your theatre has the right lighting system and equipment to enhance your venue and run your live productions reliably and efficiently.

Vincent Lighting Systems and the entire team made for a fantastic installation, and the finished product looked amazing!
—WHOCO Lighting & Controls—

Make your next attraction the showpiece it deserves.

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