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How To’s and Trouble Shooting-FAQ

Explore common questions about operating & maintaining stage lighting equipment.

I need to mix red, green and blue. What colors should I use?
We suggest the standard Roscolux colors of R27 for red, R80 for blue, and R91 for green.

What are some good general area colors?
For warm Rosco colors, R02, R05 and R34 are good choices. For neutral colors, try Rosco R51 or R54. For cool colors from Rosco, R60 or R62 are ideal.

My lamp burned out. How can I tell what I need to order?
Most theatrical lamps have a three letter ANSI code. This code describes the lamp completely. Some common theatrical lamps are BTL, BTN, EGG, FEL, EHG and FCM. Check either the base of the lamp or the envelope. When in doubt, contact our product department at 1-800-922-5356.

What can I do to maintain my lighting system?
Routine maintenance is always the safest bet. Simply keeping your lighting system clean can extend the life considerably. Vacuum the dimmer rack annually, keep the console covered when not in use (dust is the enemy of all electronics), make sure that all items have sufficient ventilation. These few simple steps should keep maintenance repair costs to a minimum.