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University of Kentucky - Catspy Awards 2016

Lexington, Kentucky

The University of Kentucky Athletics Department once again turned to the experts at Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) to produce their annual awards and appreciation night: the UK Wildcats Catspy Awards. The event invites athletes, coaches, students and fans to the Memorial Coliseum in Lexington, Kentucky to honor and recognize student athletes from UK’s 22 athletic teams. The team at VLS has been involved for 10 years, helping UK Athletics create a live event that rivals many televised award shows.

As any coach can tell you, the first step towards success is building a solid game plan. At VLS, this starts with Production Manager Randy Scheib. Randy headed up a team of VLS programmers and technicians and coordinated with outside vendors to hit one out of the park with this production. In addition to providing top notch equipment and lighting design, VLS was responsible for the scenic design elements, audio reinforcement, and video presentations. Our plan had to combine all of the production technology with requests from UK Athletics to make the 2016 Catspy Awards ceremony an event to be remembered.

University of Kentucky Athletics knew they could count on VLS to create an outstanding light show but also asked us to provide solutions beyond our internal capabilities. Thanks to an extensive list of partners, collaborators, and contacts, we were able to build a call in a great collaborative team, to cover duties that fell outside our core services. In the live event world, there are no retakes and no substitution for quality work. AVT (Audio Visual Techniques) assured fantastic sound, video support, and video production. We turned to WKYT-TV to supply cameras and a TV production truck to manage live feeds to the multiple screens and document the event.

Our experience integrating lighting technology and control for churches, schools and, of course, sports venues made VLS a winning choice to lead the production work. The Production Team planned the lighting plot, power distribution, and scenic layout. Under the direction of Lead Technician Rob Moyer and assistant Peter Martino, VLS crews prepared the equipment, delivered it to the site, installed the lights, and created temporary power and data networks to carry the control signal throughout the venue. Their work included plotting rigging points to hang the lights and the scenic pieces in addition to running the many miles of cables required to light a major live event.

Transforming the hall into an elegant banquet hall required plenty of work. Cloth banners were hung, spandex structures erected, numerous chain motors were installed to support the lighting trusses and projector screens. Microphones and speakers were mounted for audio reinforcement. Lighting fixtures were hung in multiple positions throughout the venue and placed on the stage as well. VLS utilized some of the best lighting equipment in the production industry to recognize University of Kentucky’s top collegiate athletes.

Programmer Rob Moyer selected the GrandMA 1 Console to control the lighting rig. The powerful console was perfect for this event, providing intuitive access and control to create washes, textures, and effects. VLS employed ColorKinetics ColorBlaze fixtures to wash walls with vivid color. VARI*LITE VLX LED wash lights combined with Clay Paky Sharpy Wash lights to provide color on the presentation stage and the honored guests’ tables. Clay Paky B-Eye fixtures were used extensively for washes and also as direct view accent/effect lights. VARI*LITE VL-4000 and VL-3000 Spots handled most of the spot and projection duties, providing directional key lights and gobo textures. Clay Paky Mythos automated lights were hung to provide gobo projections, color, and movement throughout the night.

We take pride that – when top-notch clients decide to honor the best of their best -- they turn to us, confident in our stock of cutting edge lighting equipment and experienced designers and technicians to create memorable and immersive environments for our clients. It is a privilege to recognize the talents, hard work, and dedication that go into every UK Wildcats season.

About University of Kentucky - Catspy Awards 2016


Sound and Video Support and Production: Audio Visual Techniques

Cameras/Live Feeds/Production Truck: WKYT-TV

VLS Team

Production Manager: Randy Scheib
Lead Technician/Programmer: Rob Moyer
Production Specialist: Peter Martino
Photos by Adam Zeek, Zeek Creative.
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