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Alumni Gala at University of Pittsburgh

Cathedral of Learning

Pittsburgh, PA

Each year, the Alumni Association holds a party for its members as part of their Homecoming celebration. The Cathedral of Learning on campus is an architectural gem, which allows soaring washes of light and oversized projections of each graduating decade.

For the exterior entrance, our Production team used ColorBlasts to light the staircase and Philips VARI*LITE VL3500 Wash fixtures to provide a variety of color over the facade. To welcome the Alumni, we projected various logos and greetings, using VARI*LITE VL4000 and VL3000 Spot fixtures. All of it was controlled on a GrandMA board.

Inside the venue, we uplit the walls using Clay Paky Glow-Up wireless fixtures, as well as Chauvet Freedom Pars. ETC Source Four ellipsoidals projected the years onto the walls.


  • Blue Exterior
  • Daylight Pink
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Pink
  • 1940 &1980 projections
  • 1970 & 2010 projections
  • Panoramic
  1. Blue Exterior
  2. Daylight Pink
  3. Breast Cancer Awareness Pink
  4. 1940 &1980 projections
  5. 1970 & 2010 projections
  6. Panoramic

About Alumni Gala at University of Pittsburgh


VLS Team

  • Lighting Designer: Noland Jenkins
  • GrandMA Programmer: Jeremy Rolla
  • VLS Technicians: Fran Gorman, Nate Grand, Mike Papinchak, Nate Siebert
  • Photos by: Fran Gorman
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