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Lighting for Causes & Awareness

If you’re looking for ways to temporarily spread awareness, there are plenty of ways to illuminate your structure with your existing lighting infrastructure or rental equipment!


Whether you are looking to temporarily illuminate a structure or permanently transform your building, lighting architecture properly can transform a dark, bland building, structure or storefront into a beautiful treasure especially during events, holidays and campaign awareness initiatives.  

If you’re looking for ways to temporarily spread awareness, there are plenty of ways to illuminate your structure with your existing lighting infrastructure or rental equipment using standard color filters, LED color mixing and gobos. 

Check out our examples and commonly used colors for illuminating for awareness and events below.

Exterior Lighting

Interior Effects

Illuminating a Structure

Illuminating a fountain can enhance your exterior and landscaping while spreading awareness. The image below is a temporary installation for ‘Light it Up Blue for Health Care 2020’ a campaign to support our first responders and healthcare workers on the frontlines of COVID-19.

fountain lighting

Illuminating your Building with Gobos & Effects

Using gobos or patterns to enhance your building is an easy way to spread awareness of your brand, an event, or an awareness initiative.

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Illuminating a Building or Bridge

Dynamic architectural lighting can transform your building or bridge and enhance your community.

Big Four Pedestrian Bridge, Louisville Kentucky

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Interior Effects

Illuminate your Windows

Illuminating your windows can create eye catching visuals from the street. Whether you’re promoting an upcoming event or conveying messages of hope, lighting from the inside is an easy route to spread awareness.

Terminal Tower, Cleveland Ohio

Illuminate Inside

Illuminating the inside of your venue is a great way to show impact during an awareness campaign or event. For Red Alert Restart, we were proud to illuminate empty stages in order to support our local venues during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic to push support for the Save Our Stages and Restart Act for a dramatic visualization in support of a powerful campaign.

Severance Hall, Cleveland Ohio

Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

LED Color Reference Guide*


Common RGB Value:
R: 229
G: 165
B: 203

Pink is often used for Breast Cancer Awareness, and overall women’s health campaigns. Pink is also used for Valentine’s Day, and other romantic events.


Common RGB Value:
R: 0
G: 121
B: 192

Blue is a symbol of hope and is used to promote wafer safety, support law enforcement, and many other awareness campaigns. Blue is also used to celebrate Hanukkah.


Common RGB Value:
R: 77
G: 13
B: 100

Purple is a very popular symbol of hope used to symbolize many different causes including Alzheimer’s Disease and Domestic Violence awareness campaigns. Purple is also used well for Halloween and other holidays.


Common RGB Value:
R: 0
G: 46
B: 35

Green is often used to symbolize environmental concerns and global warming, represent bipolar disorder and show support for mental health awareness week, and many other causes.


Common RGB Value:
R: 225
G: 189
B: 0

Yellow is often used to show support for our troops, bring attention to missing persons, and various other awareness campaigns. Yellow is also the suicide prevention color.


Common RGB Value:
R: 3
G: 20
B: 12

Red is often used to provoke attention, symbolize addiction and DARE initiatives, heart disease, support fire & ambulatory services and many more awareness campaigns. Red is also used with green to celebrate Christmas.

*RGB Values differ depending on the type of surface you’re lighting, and the characteristics of your lighting fixtures.

If you’re thinking about permanently transforming your building, structure, or bridge or want to add a temporary installation to support a cause or event, we’re here to help!

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