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Wedding Cake Lighting

The cutting of the cake is a high point of any wedding reception. The cake has been carefully selected; flavor, frosting and decorations all just right. When guests enter a reception, quite often the first thing they look for is the cake – they want to see how big it is and remark on how beautiful it looks. The right lighting will highlight the cake throughout your reception, fading out for the toasts during dinner, and then back to the cake. When the moment arrives to cut that beautiful confection, your guests will be able to see whether you feed each other dainty bites of cake, or smash frosting and cake in each other’s faces ... it's a moment everyone enjoys (no matter how you choose to make it your own!).

Vincent Lighting experts will design and install lighting that makes each aspect of your special night shine, ensuring that each moment is stunning - and just the way you’ve always pictured. All you need to worry about is having a great time (and maybe about how to get those frosting stains out of your dress).

Contact Vincent Lighting today to set up an appointment to talk about your wedding lighting options.