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Why The Pros Use LED

Overview: LED Lighting Benefits


Selador Desire D22Theatrical LED fixtures are changing more than color. They are changing the way we build lighting systems. They are changing the way we design, and the way we maintain systems. Current offerings from respected manufacturers are now providing LED alternatives to traditional ERS, Fresnel, borderlights, and cyc lights. These fixtures no longer compromise color and intensity for efficiency. Modern LEDs, from spotlights to pars, offer enviable color palettes, simplified power schemes, reduced maintenance and increased safety as compared to their tungsten predecessors.

The savings from LED technology can really add up and the benefits add up even more quickly. If you want to lower your operation costs, expand your color options, and increase safety in your theater, then now is the time to capitalize on a competitive market full of LED stage lighting solutions. Whether you’re planning new construction or renovating your existing performance space, talk to one of our lighting professionals to find out how LED can start working for you today