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Controls for Worship Lighting

Most dimmers and intelligent fixtures are built to receive a data signal from the console which provides all the control information to pan/tilt, change color, widen out, narrow down, strobe, etc. Smaller facilities will usually operate on the DMX protocol which allows for control of 512 channels per DMX universe (some moving lights may use 30 or more channels). Larger facilities or worship centers which operate LED and intelligent fixtures may find it easier to use a network based control system, where the console provides data over standard network cables. The network data is converted to DMX at multiple output nodes where fixtures are plugged in. This type of control network allows for multiple DMX universes to be carried over a single cable. None of these configurations are exclusive of any other. If it suits your goals, then you may send DMX from the console to a dimmer rack that passes DMX to a relay cabinet.  You may also send network data to nodes in the balcony to control LED lights, Automated fixtures, hazers, etc.

Control options include:

  • Push Button Wall Stations / Slider Stations.
  • Software Based Computer Control- Run lights from your laptop.
  • Control Consoles allow hands on control over vital cues, playbacks, and effects.
  • Various wireless remotes including Infrared controllers, smartphones, and tablet devices.


  • Our Project Services team is available to discuss the best control option for your situation.