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Worship Lighting Ideas

Worship facilities are lighting more than just candles these days. With houses of worship addressing so many needs of diverse spiritual communities, they have found need for a variety of lighting devices. Many churches have added concert style lighting for contemporary and teen services, white light systems to support webcasting and broadcast programs. Accent light highlights architecture and pastoral staff, and house lights provide safe light levels for entering and exiting the sanctuary allow the congregation to read hymnals, bulletins, or other printed materials.

Lighting design can provide a wide variety of enhancements to any house of worship:

  • Updating the look of your church.
  • Enhance video content for websites and home members-improve the results of photography and video.
  • Create excitement for contemporary worship and special events.
  • Improved technology can lead to substantial energy savings.
  • Draw attention to the history of the building and individual elements of your services.
  • Concert lighting will increase the intensity of contemporary worship.
  • Improve the versatility of your lighting system and increase its adaptability to special services and programs.